still life at 4:44pm by graemestevens

still life at 4:44pm

I seem to be having some difficulty keeping up at the moment...mind you, after about 6 years in these here parts I don't think it matters too much if I miss a few days.
this is really well composed with the elements and different levels. nice work. Yes you deserve some down time!
January 25th, 2021  
This is rather excellent....
January 25th, 2021  
I love a good still life
January 25th, 2021  
Good to know that there is something left to live for.
Being nosy or, euphemistically, curious... I had to try tosee the title of the opened book but sadly the top of the pages were too blurry for me to read however, one or two lines were in focus, and the one easiest to read was, "There is something left to live for..." . A good, and maybe a needed message for many of us these days.
January 25th, 2021  
Love it
January 25th, 2021  
What a mind! And a great result!
January 25th, 2021  
I like your coherent compositions. They always feel complete. You are a very talented artist.
January 25th, 2021  
The skull is most impressive! I am also intrigued as to what the books are. This is my 6th year every year I think that's enough and then still come back for more!
January 25th, 2021  
I love your still lifes (lives), always so much to look at
January 25th, 2021  
Interesting array of objects. Really like the glass in hand.
January 25th, 2021  
You might be right - leave a few days! Its all a personal challenge. This one is a real stage effect - tells a story. I've just got to work it out!
January 25th, 2021  
what's a few days in the big scheme of things really?
January 25th, 2021  
Can't get much stiller than that. Great SL..
January 25th, 2021  
Well I certainly won't argue if you want to miss a few days here or there. Great job on this creation
January 25th, 2021  
so creative ...
January 25th, 2021  
Drop by anytime with your creative self (love this - fav)
January 25th, 2021  
January 25th, 2021  
Time pressure... Great still life.
January 25th, 2021  
Wow, this is really cool. So much to explore--things pop out at you after a bit!
January 26th, 2021  
Amazing and keeps on giving
January 26th, 2021  
@jgpittenger Thanks very much :)
@darylo That's what my wife said about things popping out as well...
@haskar Thanks very much :)
@jacqbb Thank you very much :)
@linnypinny Thanks very much :)
@pdulis Thank you kindly :)
@swchappell Damn it...I love a good argument ;)
@julzmaioro Nope...ain't goin' anywhere in a hurry...
@koalagardens Just another 48 hours closer to the inevitable end of it all!!!
@maggiemae I'm always right, and if you're looking for the story in this shot I can give you a helpful hint: there isn't one (that I am aware of...if you choose to make one up then I shan't argue)
@redy4et Thanks - for a change it didn't have gin in it...
@kjarn Thanks very much :)
@rjb71 In this order, from top to bottom:
Sir Walter Scott - Kenilworth (that's the open book)
Some bird - Pride & Prejudice
Some other bird - Wuthering Heights
That chick - Vanity Fair
@monikozi Thank you so much :)
@taffy What mind?? ;)
@wrightangle Thanks very much :)
@gardencat The open book is Kenilworth by Sir Walter Scott.
@brigette Ditto :)
@fiveplustwo I'll try not to let that happen again...
@jackies365 Thank you very much :)
January 26th, 2021  
Wow, that is all kinds of awesome!
January 26th, 2021  
You have some great curiosities.
January 26th, 2021  
a very Graeme still life
January 27th, 2021  
I just stared at this for who knows how long and do not regret it one bit. Very cool!
January 30th, 2021  
@cristie I'm so sorry ;)
@blueberry1222 Typecast again! ;)
@gamelee Usually when people arrive at our humble abode they spend a good while looking around before they finally sit down...
@aikiuser Thank you kindly :)
January 31st, 2021  
This is superb. So much to figure out and grateful it doesn't have any political connections. As for creativity, you can't push it or force it to the surface so, ride the wave of down-time and just 'be' for a while.
January 31st, 2021  
If this is what you come up with on an off day I’m completely impressed. I stopped 365 about 6 or 7 years ago because I put too much pressure i think to view, respond, post. It’s nice to just play it my way this time around and stick around for a long time. Such a nice community.
February 1st, 2021  
@carolinesdreams I'm not as hard on myself as I was for the first 4 years...whenever it happens these days!
@joysabin I'm over the politics and I've learned that if you push too hard you may just have a nasty accident...
February 2nd, 2021  
Always love your vanitas setups! So fascinating and thought-provoking. Would love to have this in a big ol' frame on my wall. :)
February 3rd, 2021  
Great composition coupled with skilful processing make this a ‘no-brainer' Fav.
March 25th, 2021  
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