Dad's Legacy, Some Practice Still Needed by grammyn

Dad's Legacy, Some Practice Still Needed

Tuesdays are very busy days for me and after supper I still had no photo. What to do? I read about the new ETSOOI challenge and Voila! Inspiration. I caught my husband working with his new router but using one of the bits that was once my dad's. Even better he was wearing a BLUE shirt which is the theme for the challenge this time.
Still going strong MaryBeth!
Well done Katy- I like the processing- it turns the picture into a story.
August 30th, 2017  
Very nice! I love the idea that your husband is using something that was your Dad's. Great processing.
August 30th, 2017  
Well done... heartstrings tugged. ❤️
August 30th, 2017  
Love this!
August 30th, 2017  
All those lovely lines on his hands show how much work went into making the world a better place. Your processing makes this a very special photograph.
August 30th, 2017  
awesome processing, Katy
August 30th, 2017  
Wonderful processing. There is something so magical about taking pictures of the hands that you love and would always recognize. I think I'd frame this one.
August 30th, 2017  
Well done!
August 30th, 2017  
You were super resourceful to find your daily shot! Great going! 👍🏼 Maybe I need to do some ETSOOI today or tomorrow.... that sounds fun. I still ETSOOI pics from time to time. Cannot eliece that challenge is still going!
August 30th, 2017  
So glad this challenge inspired you Katy. You have done some great editing to create this star photo.
August 30th, 2017  
Neat processing.
August 30th, 2017  
Really like what you did here! The magical processing makes this a really fun photo to look at.
August 30th, 2017 the affect FAV
August 31st, 2017  
@olivetreeann Nice praise coming form you Ann Thanks
@eudora Thanks for you nice comment Diane and so do I
@marilyn too ♥
@homeschoolmom So glad you do. Thanks
@tahoemb How nice of you to say. I appreciate that
@bill_fe Thanks Bill. sometimes I get a little over the top but then that is what ETSOOI is l guess
@cdonohoue You are so right and maybe I will
@linnypinny I am glad you think so. Thanks for stopping by Lin
@espyetta Thanks MaryBeth and thanks for creating it. ;~}
@helenhall How nice of you to take the timne to view and comment Helen. I really appreciate it!
@tunia Thanks Tunia. You don't think it is too much?
@cjphoto You are far to kind Chris! I am glad you think so though
@jpvona So glad you like it Jill! Thanks so much
August 31st, 2017  
Fabulous image and detail fav
August 31st, 2017  
I liked your comment. Thank you
September 1st, 2017  
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