Birthday Balloon

Somebody stop me ...Please! I am having too much fun though. A couple of more ideas running through my head and then maybe back to more photography and less editing. This is one of the balloons from my birthday surprise that can be seen here.
Inspired by this art I just had to do it. Please forgive me?
No!!!! don't stop!!!
posted March 8th, 2018  
Very similar to Zombie's one - clever work and you are developing skills!
posted March 8th, 2018  
I really like what you have achieved here
posted March 8th, 2018  
You are rocking her style! Keep it up I say!
posted March 8th, 2018  
Love this--and if you are having fun, that's a bonus.
posted March 9th, 2018  
i guess i'm awol from the artist challenge this time. i wouldn't know how to do this thing. aces, girlfriend!
posted March 9th, 2018  
Do.Not.Stop! I am loving these edits!
posted March 9th, 2018  
Great editing!
posted March 9th, 2018  
LOVE this - how fun would this be painted on a rock??? Fav!
posted March 10th, 2018  
@francoise LOL! From now on it will all be your fault!
@maggiemae thank you so much. I value your opinion.
@mv_wolfie how nice of you to say Mariana, I really appreciate it.
@olivetreeann that means so much to me, Ann thanks!
@eudora thanks, Diane I like the way you look at it.
@summerfield you excell at photography where as this is more editing I think and I am certain you could do it if you would try!
@marilyn that is really very nice of you to say. I am so glad you do.
@gijsje it is a challenge but it is fun. I appreciate that bep
@linnypinny thanks bunches! You will have to paint one and then post it so I can see!
posted March 11th, 2018  
These are so fascinating!!! I like the little princess crown on top! :D
posted March 14th, 2018  
@cjphoto LOL Thanks I wish I were as creative as she is!
posted March 14th, 2018  
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