High Cotton - White Bursts of Lint by grammyn

High Cotton - White Bursts of Lint

A cotton boll I had saved from last year's crop for a craft project with a tiny string of Spanish moss attached.

(no I don't raise cotton. l check the edges of the fields after the harvest)
How stunning Katy, I have never seen a real ball of cotton! Beautiful shot and wonderful lighting.
June 6th, 2020  
Awesome! Love the lines and detail. Fav.
June 6th, 2020  
Looks like cotton wool, which has a horrible squeaky texture. what does real cotton feel like kayt??

Love the light and detsils
June 6th, 2020  
Great shot, i am sure you will find a way to use it for an art project. I do the same. I use nature’s “waste” such as a fallen palm tree leaves or branches for art work:).
June 6th, 2020  
June 6th, 2020  
You've turned this lowly piece of cotton into high art!
June 6th, 2020  
Great shot.
June 6th, 2020  
"Oh, when them cotton balls get rotten You can't pick very much cotton- In them old cotton fields back home" Singing along?
June 6th, 2020  
i still have mine swinging on a little twig. aces on the comp, girlfriend.
June 7th, 2020  
@ludwigsdiana Thank you so much Diana! I am glad you like it! @eudora Wow! That is really nice Diane. I would expect it would be nothing exciting for you to see. Thanks bunches
@30pics4jackiesdiamond thanks Jackie. Soon you will know
@dutchothotmailcom thanks Esther. Actually they make really cute angel ornaments for Christmas time
@joemuli such an honor to receive your comment Joe Thanks bunches
@olivetreeann well that's very nice of you to say! Thanks a lot Ann
@gijsje thanks so much bep!
@maggiemae LOL! You know I am. I was a little distraught there is no song title challenge right now because there are several great options for this photo and your song was one of them!
@summerfield Aww. I am so glad ! Thanks so much Vikki! ♥
June 7th, 2020  
THANK YOU XXXXX I had a parcel arrive today, and to find two bolls inside a true delight!!

Phojo a bit absent today, but I will take a photo a bit like this one if I may, when mood improves.

Is there a best way to keep the cotton? I'd love to display it ornamentally somehow.

June 20th, 2020  
@30pics4jackiesdiamond Yay I am so glad you got it and like it! I can't wait to see the photo! I have had those just sitting in a box for a long time and have some others that my sister and I picked two years ago in a vase so as long as they don't get wet I think they will last a really long time however you choose to display them.
June 20th, 2020  
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