Balance by grammyn


"The act of balancing stones carries with it a practice of patience and a physical effort of creating balance." I decided a little patience and balance was necessary in my life so I dug out my rocks from the Mediterranean to have a go with it! It also brought back so many happy memories!
I do love to see balancing stones, especially when I come across this in the environment. What a great idea to get life back into balance. Nice composition.
September 17th, 2020  
This image has a nice serenity about it...
September 17th, 2020  
I really like the simple but serene look of the stones. The have soft edges, soft colors and make me feel peaceful.

I'm glad to see you were able to post today. You've been on my mind with the hurricane.
September 17th, 2020  
Wonderful clarity and balance, and I like the smooth soft tones in the stones.
September 17th, 2020  
Oh I love this! Balance is good, Iā€™m trying to find a chair yoga class on line because I can tell my balance is gone. šŸ˜Š Wait! You are in Alabama! Is everything okay?! I sure hope so.
September 17th, 2020  
Cool shot. Beautiful stones too.
September 17th, 2020  
I love how you did this.
September 17th, 2020  
This looks amazing Katy, such beautiful stones and so well balanced.
September 17th, 2020  
This is awesome! I've got to try this (I still have lots of rocks from my painting days - I'm going to get back to that soon, I hope) Fav for me!
September 17th, 2020  
Well done
September 17th, 2020  
I love this composition. The stones look so tactile and they have beautiful subtle colours. Fav!
September 17th, 2020  
I love the colors of them. Your balance is perfect and the high key background is too. I was just dusting out the shell bottle with all my Med. Sea shells so I know what you mean about the good memories! fav
September 18th, 2020  
This spoke to me on soooo many levels! ā¤ Fav!
Love! Rocks, beautifully simple, tactile, soft colors, profoundly basic. I was just thinking yesterday when I put some from my yard into my pocket that I am essentially a seven year old boy!! All rocks appeal to me! Especially ones that carry treasured memories! I hope you found the balance you were seeking!
September 18th, 2020  
@kiwinanna Thank you so much for the visit and taking the time to leave such a nice comment Liana
@amyk I am glad you like it Amy thanks
@randystreat I am sorry you worried about me (thank you) and I am happy this photo made you feel peaceful! thanks KAthy
@taffy Thank you so much Taffy. Balancing was a bit of a challenge
@louannwarren Thanks you so much for your kind comment and your conceren Lou Ann. Sorry for taking so long to tell you we are fine. Rain was all we got but further south it was much worse
@dutchothotmailcom Thanks a lot Esther. I really like the stones too
@shutterbug49 I really appreciate that Debbie thank you
@ludwigsdiana I am happy you think so Diana. It wasn't easy getting those stones to balance because they are quite small
@linnypinny Thanks for your enthusiasm and the FAV Your rock would be perfect for this!
@bkbinthecity thank you so much I appreciate you taking the time to view and comment
@serendypyty Thanks for that FAV and I am really glad you like my rocks too
@olivetreeann how nice of you to FAV it Ann. I hadn't really thought much about the colors but several have mentioned that too. It made me look at this with different eyes
@wyomingsis LOL (seven year old boy) I can see how this might be a photo for you. Thank you for the FAV. The balance I was seeking was just to get those tiny rocks to stay up long enough for me to get the photo............and they did!
September 19th, 2020  
It also brought about an amazing photo!
September 20th, 2020  
Love it!
September 20th, 2020  
@marilyn that is really so nice of you to say thanks sissy!
@axika So glad you do thanks
September 21st, 2020  
I love the simplicity of this and the high key background. And wonderful to have the stones evoke memories as well.
September 29th, 2020  
@eudora Thanlk you Diane. I enjoy them mostly because of the memories!
September 30th, 2020  
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