Nov.21 Thankful For... by grammyn

Nov.21 Thankful For...

...electricity. There are so many benefits taken for granted by the availability of eletrical power in our homes.

Many countries around the world still lack widespread access to electricity Furthermore, in many places people with electricity can only rely on intermittent and substandard electric power. Statistics show that 67% of the developing world still goes without household electricity.
Sad when you consider that with today’s tech they wouldn’t have to lay a grid...They could use solar and batteries....still too expensive, but getting cheaper.
November 22nd, 2020  
Great edit of this breaker box. We are completely dependent on electricity, scary when you stop and think about what we could possibly do if we lost power completely.
November 22nd, 2020  
Another great. Thank you and great shot.
November 22nd, 2020  
I like the high key look at the circuit breaker box. We are very lucky to have mostly dependable electricity. The house I live in now is entirely dependent on electricity.
November 22nd, 2020  
I'm really enjoying your thankful series! Another great photo and narrative. Thankful for your illuminations!
November 22nd, 2020  
Such a great high key shot! We sure are thankful when we do not have any loadshedding, great narrative.
November 22nd, 2020  
Such a fundamental requirement still lacking for so many, well said
November 22nd, 2020  
Definitely a blessing!
November 22nd, 2020  
We had a power cut a few years ago that lasted a week. How glad we were to be reconnected again to the grid. Never to be taken for granted!
November 22nd, 2020  
It really is one of those things that we totally take for granted until we're without it. I'm so glad we have a generator now for those times when it goes down without warning.
November 23rd, 2020  
@shutterbug49 absolutely
@louannwarren thanks Lou Ann. A plight that becomes more understandalbe after a hurricane for us
@dutchothotmailcom thank you Esther. Bad weather helps to make us more aware doesn't it?
@randystreat thank you Kathy. I agree but when we lose it we are sometimes lost
@wyomingsis I am so happy you are thanks bunches! Loved the pun!♥
@ludwigsdiana I really appreciate that Dianna. You are one of the ones I was thinking about as I wrote this one.
@ricksnap it is and we are sometimes blissfully unaware of how spoied we are to have it! thanks
@linnypinny we forget sometimes until we lose it don't we?
@serendypyty I cannot imagine! I know you rejoiced when it came back on!
@olivetreeann too true. When we recently lost it due to the hurrican it was nice to be able to keep the food from spoiling but I was ok with the other inconveniences for that short time
November 23rd, 2020  
Very cool looking shot!
November 27th, 2020  
@mcsiegle It doesn't surprise me that this appeals to you ! thanks
November 28th, 2020  
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