1974 Mamiya RB67 ProS by grizzlysghost

1974 Mamiya RB67 ProS

In case you have never seen a medium format Mamiya studio camera in person, this thing is HUGE!

A funny note: you can change the viewfinder from the waist-level (currently mounted) to a pentaprism (which has a light meter in it). I like the feeling of shooting with the waist-level so much, I will plug the pentaprism in to get the meter reading, adjust the camera to match the recommended f/stop and shutter speed, then switch back to the waist-level viewfinder to take the shot. Completely and absolutely unnecessary, but I just like looking at that big image so much.

Gotta have fun doing this, right? Or why do it at all? :)

Sample Photo: http://365project.org/grizzlysghost/furkids/2012-03-18
Your making my wish list quite big at the moment. Have you ever come across Kurt Sadjina on Flickr, he does a lot of medium format stuff as well 35mm and is one of my favourite photographers.
June 17th, 2012  
So it has a viewfinder! You will have to set up a tent outside to live in with all your precious cameras inside!
June 17th, 2012  
@38mm I don't do much Flickr at the moment, but I'll check him out!
@maggiemae Haha, they don't really take up much room MaggieMae! And if it comes down to it, the cameras will stay inside while I live in the tent :)
June 17th, 2012  
and you can switch the back to polaroid instant packs, or is that another model. When I'm a millionaire Leica M9, Panasonic G3 and one of these babies will be my first shopping spree I reckon.
June 17th, 2012  
gosh - that is quite the beast!
June 18th, 2012  
That does look very huge, not one you want to carry around as you are out hiking, huh?
June 18th, 2012  
@chewyteeth Sure can Dave! And on this model you can rotate the back for landscape shots (rather than rotate the whole camera), and switch out film cartridges mid-roll for one with a different ISO. Very clever model!
@northy It may look it Northy, but it REALY feels it! :)
@digitalrn Haha, nope Rick! This won't be going on very many hikes with me, but I guarantee it will be on a couple at least!
June 18th, 2012  
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