Pressed 4 Time  by grizzlysghost

Pressed 4 Time

Which is why I'm a bit behind. Operation Ketchup will commence soon enough ;)

Film: Arista.Edu Ultra 400
Camera: 1967 Pentax 6x7
Process: Ilford Microphen 1+1 for 13min
See camera here:
Wow, that's cool. Is that a clock works?
March 26th, 2014  
Well, don't feel too guilty - we all have our vices! ;)
March 26th, 2014  
Operation Ketchup sounds messy...but this pic is neato. Cool b&w shot. Like the shadows, the sharp straight edges in contrast with the circles.
March 26th, 2014  
@digitalrn Yep, from an old clock. The spring is no longer good (it was left tightly wound for about 100 years it seems) :)
@juliedduncan Haha :)
@fauxtography365 I do like my condom mints. ... wait... that's not right...
March 26th, 2014  
@grizzlysghost bahaha- mints
March 26th, 2014  
@grizzlysghost but is it wrong...?
March 26th, 2014  
Clever title.
March 26th, 2014  
great industrial shot, amazing details on this.
March 26th, 2014  
Great shot, Love the detail.
March 26th, 2014  
Great BW shot with great details.
March 26th, 2014  
Neat! :)
March 27th, 2014  
Can we trade houses? Yours is full of cool stuff.
March 30th, 2014  
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