Double Danbo  by grizzlysghost

Double Danbo

Film: Kodak TMAX 100
Camera: 1991 Canon EOS 100
Process: Ilford Microphen 11min

Playing around a bit with a "new to me" camera that I think I will really enjoy. Actually... the only gripe is that it automatically loads my film, and skips enough film upon loading that in other cameras I could place at least two shots! So... I automatically lose two shots from every roll. Otherwise, a very fun camera! Oh, and it can stack up to 9 photos onto a single frame for multiple exposures. This one is just two; one of me, and one of Danbo.

*The exif is wrong because I messed up the calendar in my scanning software; I will fix for the next roll :)
I like that you got catch light in your eyes with a selfie. That in itself is a challenge.
February 2nd, 2014  
You do take some great selfie!
February 2nd, 2014  
@aprilmilani @kporte Thanks! There's a huge window beside my face letting in some great light :)
February 2nd, 2014  
February 2nd, 2014  
Very cool, wish I could list a process on my film shots instead of "Walgreens"
February 2nd, 2014  
My camera has the capability of stacking photos but I haven't spent much time figuring it out and trying it. On the to do list. Thanks for the inspiration.
February 2nd, 2014  
@anzere03 Haha, too funny!
@cortens Go for it Julie! I'm still such a novice with multiple exposures, I plan on doing a lot more so I can get the hang of it!
February 2nd, 2014  
Really cool!
February 2nd, 2014  
Well we know we are going to be seeing some more interesting creations
February 2nd, 2014  
February 3rd, 2014  
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