At the end of March, I took a vacation to a place called Kodaikanal. I won't go into the details because it would take far too long to do so.

Let's just say this picture was taken sometime after a monkey jumped from a tree and bullied one of our group to surrender his cup o' noodles, but sometime before I saw an old man threaten to beat with his sandal two men who were just rescued after driving off of a cliff while riding together on a motorcycle.

So much more to this story. Let's just say I was happy to find this picture on my phone from the safety of my couch.

Shot on an iPhone, edited with Camera+, and additional tweaks in Photoshop.

(posted on April 20, 2012 to backfill missing days)
Gorgeous! I love that view and the complimentary jaggedness of the mountains and barbed wire. A fav for me!
posted April 20th, 2012  
wow, I thought I've seen rough stuff....and that was on your vacation!
posted April 20th, 2012  
@shadesofgrey You saw the video, right?
posted April 20th, 2012  
posted April 20th, 2012  
@gurry Sure did.....truthfully I have stayed in worse, but I have never been bullyed by a monkey or seen an old man threaten to beat someone for almost getting killed....on vacation no less. Nor have I been thrown to the wolves by my co-workers.
posted April 20th, 2012  
Looks like the barbed wire is a good metaphor for some harrowing moments. Beautiful photo.
posted April 20th, 2012  
Wow what a view! (And it sounds like quite an experience too...) Fab
posted April 20th, 2012  
Wonderful place. I love the framing with the barbed wire.
posted April 20th, 2012  
posted April 21st, 2012  
Wow--neat shot!
posted June 11th, 2012  
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