Super lazy day.
It was a gorgeous day yesterday. Reaching about 75 degrees which is odd of february, but it was Leap day so who knows.
It's back down to the low 40's today and kinda chilly.
Oh well
Hopefully summer will be here soon.
Love the shoes lol omigosh same here dude! xP
posted March 1st, 2012  
posted March 2nd, 2012  
What's that stuck on your slipper?
posted March 2nd, 2012  
@surferchic9944 lol thanks they're my super cozy slippers. idk how i went so long without them.
@missvicki lol :)
@kjarn lol it's a sticker from an art museum that fell off my coat, onto the floor and i guess i stepped on it at some point and I just left it there. lol
posted March 2nd, 2012  
was it a cool art museum?
posted March 6th, 2012  
@bobfoto in not sure what youre referring to.
posted March 7th, 2012  
@bobfoto oh! the sticker. No it was kinda lame actually
posted March 7th, 2012  
@gypsylady - oh well... nevermind.
posted March 7th, 2012  
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