I don't remember going to college the first time being this complicated, but then again it wasn't.
I have so many things to do, so many things I'm waiting on, so many things I gotta pay for.
I'm spending money I don't even have, and I haven't even applied for the loans yet.
Went into work today and discovered that my direct deposit hasn't gone through and I don't even have an employee number thingy so I can't clock in.
So I'm basically working for free right now which makes me INCREDIBLY uncomfortable.
For such a big company it's very unprofessional.
I hate how worried I am about money all the time.
I feel like money is my biggest issue in life which could be worse, and I know they say "money can't buy happiness..."
But that's a load of crap cause if I was rich I think I'd be pretty fucking happy.

Got sent home early from work today because it was super slow and I wasn't needed.
Now I'm just sitting in my room staring at my cameras thinking about making some spaghettio's.

I don't want to be offensive, but the studio I work in is in a prominently black person area which means I cannot pronounce half these ladies names.
We got: Breonna, Chyan, Qrueneshia, Kineshia....
sometimes I wonder.

For anyone who thinks this is amusing I'm sure there is actually someone out there named Shithead.

It's so stupid it's funny.
I can sympathize with the whole working for free thing. I moved states for a job and had to wait almost two weeks before the paperwork caught up......and by the next pay period it was a month since my last paycheck.....it will work itself out, but it sure is fucking stressful until it does. I like your hair and the cameras.
posted April 11th, 2012  
@shadesofgrey Yeah its very frustrating. It'll be nice once everything's all worked out and it gets going but until then it's rather aggravating.
Thanks :)
posted April 11th, 2012  
money doesn't buy happiness... but it certainly can make life a whole lot easier! I like the cameras & your hair all splayed out... and that you are upside down in the pic, very cool shot :)
posted April 13th, 2012  
@limpet365 lol definitely easier, and thank you!
posted April 13th, 2012  
Great photo, love that little tiny camera.
posted April 14th, 2012  
@kjarn haha thanks. Its just a little ornament thingy it doesn't do anything :(
posted April 15th, 2012  
its a secret spy camera thingo! The little one.
posted April 15th, 2012  
@bobfoto lol yes
posted April 15th, 2012  
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