Almost....! by h4lotti


When I went to take my dogs for a walk at a country park I decided that they came first and I was only going to take a photo to use as my 365. I stuck to this but this shot I got of the geese fighting had to be used. I got myself poised where the geese and ducks are often fed and within a minute or two the right hand goose was being seen off. Just as it took flight I captured it but hadn't realised until I looked back, the other goose tried to peck at it from underneath. I love the goose's neck straight up pecking in the air attempting to get the other. I think I just caught the goose's wing on the edge of frame but for an unexpected moment with such a large bird (or 2) I did really well.
Great action shot Fav
April 18th, 2018  
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