Brown and Gold Lizard Up Close

On my way out to get my daily shots of the sago palms this little guys was on the front steps. I was surprised he let me get this close. Slowly, I got down on my belly and got the lens hood within four inches of him.

Here is a wider shot:
He is probably quite tiny, but the detail you captured is fantastic! He is very different from all the Florida lizards I have seen so far.
posted May 7th, 2012  
fantastic focus!
posted May 7th, 2012  
Great focus.
posted May 8th, 2012  
@zuzana Thank you Zuzana. He was about 6 inches long so pretty typical in size for around here but I have never seen these colors before.

@limpet365 @stiggle Thank you. I was really surprised at how long he stayed there while I inched closer and closer with my camera lens.
posted May 8th, 2012  
Wow! Great close-up!! What an interesting and beautiful animal!
posted May 9th, 2012  
@sabrinaromahn Thank you Sabrina. I hope all is well in Shanghai. :-)
posted May 10th, 2012  
@hamptanner Yes, all is well here, thanks! We have beautiful weather and I have a few days off :)
posted May 10th, 2012  
Fantastic detail!!
posted May 14th, 2012  
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