Or Lollies as they are called in NZ.

I have been to Preston today with a friend. We had lunch out & a potter round the shops.

No need to comment on this as we are out tonight so won't have time to comment back.

Three good things:
1. Lovely lunch & a glass of wine.
2. We have been invited to a BBQ tonight to meet some people from NZ so no cooking!
3. I was happy to complain to the HSBC bank today, I am getting stroppy in my old age!
What a lovely sight and full of memories for me . My mother had the village stores (a shop attached to the end of our house ) and my grandmother before Mum had the village shop - selling everything from boot-laces to bacon and eggs ! and of course the front shop window full of sweet jars .
Enjoy the BBQ -I hope it will not rain for you -- we have had a couple light showers this evening !!!!
Good for you --you have sometimes put the world to right when phoning these know - all youngsters !
posted July 25th, 2016  
Nice candid shot
posted July 25th, 2016  
Do you hink he's going in for his weekly treat of 'humbugs'. Hope the NZ erst were nice .. where did they come from. Those jars would make a great image on there own... worth going back.
posted July 25th, 2016  
Lovely shot.
posted July 25th, 2016  
Great shot. I like the jars.
posted July 25th, 2016  
Don't think this fellow is going in to this shop! But he looks like he needs too - would bring a smile to his face! Lucky you - so many invites from friends!
posted July 25th, 2016  
That window looks so interesting with all the different jars and bottles!!
Enjoy your evening and hope the foot is doing ok!
posted July 25th, 2016  
has an almost old school feel PAt, I like it
posted July 25th, 2016  
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