Oh No!! by harbie

Oh No!!

This balloonist went to touch down on the water and went in a little too far! We were really nervous that the balloon was going to go down into the water. They tried several attempts to lift off and were unsuccessful but finally were able to lift off. I've never seen a balloon have that much trouble or get that far into the water. We were very happy when it lifted off!! I know they were too! They probably were wet too! Thank you for stopping by.
Great timing and image
September 10th, 2016  
Great shot...and oops ;)
September 10th, 2016  
Great shot. That must have a been scary.
September 10th, 2016  
Oh wow, rather nerve racking to watch I would think.
Makes a great shot though, fav
September 10th, 2016  
great shot but oh nooo shocking moment for the poor people
September 10th, 2016  
Bad luck!
September 10th, 2016  
OOPS, a bit of a silly place to try to land I would say. Great capture.
September 11th, 2016  
you captured the moment perfectly! wow! Looks like it picked up lots of water
September 12th, 2016  
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