Hochsprung Aachen by harvey

Hochsprung Aachen

So the pole-vaulting competition was really fun. It is such a great atmosphere crammed into the small space between our town hall and cathedral. There was a DJ playing great music between jumps, and every jumper had their own song to get the crowd pumped up before their jump, and the crowd really gets into it. Another top notch event in Aachen. The winner ended up jumping 5.9 meters, a new personal record for him too, not bad at all.

I really had a hard time picking which shot I would use for today, I got some good ones of the guys running down the track with some nice blurring except for the jumper, I got some great close ups of guys going over the pole. However in the end I really like this shot, as it really captures so much of the event, the jumper in the critical moment when he's starts to fall and striving to make it over the pole, the crowd captivated by him, the nice sky, and the wonderful Aachen town hall in the background.

There are a few more shot in my FB album if you are interested. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=39229553&l=acdd3b8109&id=2416450
And your height was.......? :-) This really sums up everything as you say, the jumper, the place....ancient and modern. Great!
September 3rd, 2010  
excellent timing and I really like the building in the background.
September 8th, 2010  
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