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I've been taking photos on and off for some 35 years now. In 2012 I was challenged by my sister to complete 365 Project when she bought a new camera, and I could not refuse. I passed on the challenge to my son to encourage him to take photos, and now we all seem to be doing it.

I intend to try and use each days photo to reflect something that I have done during the day, or something specific to that day, rather than just taking photos of my feet (or whatever) to fill up the days. Because many days will be spent at work I am not sure how boring they may become or if I will be able to find different subjects. I will try and keep them interesting, but look out for those feet/cat/dinner photos that will be a last resort.

2019 update: My wife challenged me to do a doodle-a-day, and bought me a little sketch book to do it. They could be anything from a 30 second doodle to a sketch, a cartoon or even a painting. But no second attempts or hiding any, so they may be ok, but they may be really awful. I was just going to do it in the book, but thought that I could use 365 project to catalogue it.