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Ok not a photo from today but who cares - this needs to be part of my 365 since i dug it out yesterday.

In early 2001 I moved back from Australia where i had spent the last 5 years. I moved in with my friend Chris in Stoke Newington in North London.

A number of our good friends from university and college days had moved to this area whilst i had been away so it was great to be living in an area where all my friends where only a few streets away (instead of half a world away literally).

Fellow 365s' Sim ( ) and Rich ( ) who are great friends of mine from uni days also lived in Stokey at that time too.

We were all in our mid 20's, all young, free and single, and we were making the most of it. Every weekend its was non stop parties, nights out, and general mayhem - followed by the infamous 'all back to mine' to continue into the early hours at mine and Chris. The neighbours must have hated us, cos the music was loud!

Highlights include Rich doing a del boy and passing out but his body remaining perfectly straight and still trying to read the cd cover all the way down - crash, me literally passing out on some poor girl i happened to bring home that night after one too many rum and cokes - not good styles, Chris having rotton fruit being thrown at him by the night shift from the supermarket over the fence as he's is throwing up on the balcony at 4am. Not to mention the crazy parties we used to have.

It was a messy but an amazing time. Lots of fun was had and I miss it more than you can imagine.

Me and our group of friends used to put on parties too. basically an excuse to get all our friends together and abuse our bodies with copious amounts of intoxicating substances.

This is a video i dug out of that time which i made. its of a night called Shop Local which our friends Tom and Will put on. See if you can spot Rich and Sim during this - not much of me as i was behind the camera (although there are three small cameos of me if your paying attention). They'll hate me for posting this no doubt

Finally check out the bad battle between me and rich at the end during the credits.

Happy days boys. I miss it.

Note: unfortunately the sound drops out occasionally on this video. not sure why buts its an old vid. Ah well - its a bit like my memories - not totally there
oooh my lol! good times it seems. and what a great thing to have to help fill in the memory loss that comes with age! loved the dance at the end lol!
posted May 24th, 2010  
Murry so good to see this :) big grin!!!!!
ha ha Jess looking back on this just brings big smiles as for the dance at the end all i can say is im sorry!!!....i think i may have been high!!!. i say think ..i know!
posted May 24th, 2010  
*big grin*
posted May 24th, 2010  
hahaah Richard...! Good..i mean high times =)
posted May 25th, 2010  
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