golden ratio by helenhall

golden ratio

One of the 52 week challenges (week 50) was to use the golden ratio to create our composition. I took a look at this today, and as a consequence, recropped a photo which I had been about to post.

Firstly, I created a template by dividing a 1000 x 618 template as described here:

I then went back to my original, uncropped image, and placed the template as a layer on top, moving it around (and inverting it) to place the eye of the duck in the smallest square. I resized the template to put in as much of the original image that made sense and found that there was a natural curve in the reflection that helped to draw the eye in and around in the golden spiral shape. This resulted in my final picture with the duck being much further over to the edge of the image than I would naturally have put it, but with a flow that my first crop didn't have. Do you agree?

Top left - first crop without using golden ratio

Top right - second crop using my template

Bottom - final image, without template.
Thanks so much for the info and link for the golden ratio.
January 2nd, 2019  
Interesting exercise and thanks for the link. I agree that the final crop is the best
January 2nd, 2019  
Do prefer the revised version but I also like the first! Thanks for the link
January 2nd, 2019  
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