The morning after the night before

This is Russell Park. My house is in the second street behind the trees in the back of this picture. I joined the volunteer team to pick up glass bottles at 7 am this morning, so that the big trucks that came to clear the rubbish didn't create a sea of crushed glass as they drove around the park area.

The main stage is at the opposite end of the park, and everyone congregates and drinks the night away, from what I can tell. By 10.00am, the site is perfectly clear and ready for another day.

I have grown to accept it. Facebook is full of vitriol from the community about how people should take their rubbish home. Of course they should. But I prefer to do something positive and help with the clear up, knowing that this only happens once every two years.
That is a massive amount of rubbish. That's good you volunteer to help to clear it.
I always pick up rubbish when out walking. I figure every little bit picked up helps, and keep the road verges clean.
posted July 15th, 2018  
@365projectorgjenfurj good for you. I hate to see litter around - especially when it is in the river. But at least with this, I know the council is fast on the way to clear it.
posted July 15th, 2018  
Wow sure is a lot of rubbish ,good its being cleared quickly though
posted July 15th, 2018  
What a depressing sight, good for you for helping
posted July 15th, 2018  
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