Rainbow23 by helenhall


Well what do you know, our local independent second-hand bookshop has a display in rainbow colours!

A bit difficult to get a decent shot through the glass, but I thought this made an interesting selection of books.

The book shop is a treasure, and doesn't even get a mention in the Sunday Times review which names the Castle Quarter in Bedford one of the best place to live in the UK, just last week. Apparently we are not cutting edge - well that is news - and the article starts "well we know it is Bedford, but bear with us".

After 20 plus years of living in Bedford, I have grown to like it. It was a tough call, moving from central London, but I have got there, and if you are going to be in Bedford then the Castle Quarter is the place to be. I wonder if my house price will now shoot up? That may earn me another few weeks in a nursing home one day!

Nice display. ‘Society in the Elizabethan Times’ would be an interesting read.
March 23rd, 2018  
So nice...cultured books! fav
March 23rd, 2018  
Was Hubert Hall any relation? Nice collection of books
March 23rd, 2018  
What a clever idea!
March 23rd, 2018  
I would like to think they did it especially for you Helen
March 23rd, 2018  
A lovely collection!
March 23rd, 2018  
I love all the different hues of blue
March 23rd, 2018  
These books are so familiar but in such good condition! I'm afraid my copies are rather in poor condition!
March 23rd, 2018  
How good is this. So considerate of the book shop to decorate in rainbow colours.
This has given me an idea for a series of photos in the future.

I would love to browse this shop. I just love secondhand books.
March 23rd, 2018  
Very well spotted
March 24th, 2018  
just last week, i found a similar book store up where i used to live. and i have a mind to send them the books i no longer want or as i trim down my excesses! i love the blue hues here that melded in a pleasant way to the eyes. aces, helen!
March 26th, 2018  
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