Back to the Drawing Board

Today I feel like crawling back into a shell; I certainly need to go back to the drawing board as I have nothing. I must have got myself all worked up about doing special things with manual settings and then doing ridiculous things in photoshop to disguise the poor results. Enough!

I shall call it a day, and post my drawing board -
. The result of studying our front path in an attempt to record the pattern before too many missing pieces render it too difficult to replicate.

I know - the obvious thing to do is photograph the path, but actually, I figured I would get all in a muddle with this.Getting everything lined up properly and visible seemed just as difficult a task as drawing it out.

Hopefully I will calm down tomorrow and manage a half decent shot.
I am sorry you are having a rough day and I think we have all been there when you try and try to tweak a photo which should have been better - see mine today! I like the photo of your drawing and hope you can restore your path in due course.
posted January 18th, 2018  
Take a deep breath and don't stress. You can't run before you can walk, so take one step at a time and don't put pressure on yourself. slowly, slowly is the way to go.
posted January 19th, 2018  
I totally agree with both Catherine and Babs. Take a deep breath and start fresh tomorrow. Plus, it's Friday and that should get you started on a positive note. I like the drawing of your front path and I think the photo of it is perfect for your "Back to the Drawing Board" narrative. :-)
posted January 19th, 2018  
Love your tag. I would add, "It's OK to post an old photo, it's OK to miss a day and OK to post two tomorrow........" Your drawing is interesting and you have shown us another one of your skills.
posted January 19th, 2018  
i really like this shot of your drawing board ... most intriguing ... and a cool angle. i would say post what you like, when you like ... it's all learning, and all creative, and hopefully mostly fun! i try to hold things more lightly these days - doesn't always work by any means - and indeed to write a day off here and there. can't win 'em all, i guess. always enjoy your project, helen, and your narratives, and i look forward to more :)
posted January 19th, 2018  
Great photo of your drawing board. Tomorrow is another day and I hope its a better one for you
posted January 19th, 2018  
Hope tomorrow is going to be better for you
posted January 19th, 2018  
ah yes, that moment of stress. I love Ethel's comment. and I love the concept of sticking in a nicely done "mundane" shot that is just... here and now.
posted January 19th, 2018  
This is lovely Helen. Reminds me of the tiled hallways I see around the city centre in Glasgow, I hope you feel more inspired tomorrow. I find it so hard to keep the creative juices flowing, especially when I feel my shots seem so 2 dimensional and mundane - but I remind myself I am really still a novice and this helps take some of the pressure off I put on myself. This is for fun, and I need to remind myself that now and again. Your encouragement to others on here is fantastic. I hope you find your mojo soon. 😎
posted January 19th, 2018  
@redandwhite thank you for your kind words Catherine. The path is ruined by roots from nearby bushes and tree. We had a bush removed today and will renew the path with a deep layer of concrete - hopefully in the spring.
@onewing Thank you Babs. I am a frustratingly slow learner, with a brain that freezes the minute it is challenged! I am reminded to just enjoy - it is not as if I am trying to earn a living from taking photographs.
@gaylewood One deep breath taken thankyou Gayle. Today I forgot about settings and just took some pictures that I enjoyed taking.
@ethelperry thank you for your encouragement Ethel. I am sorry to have come across so discouraged. Today has been better and you are right - no rules apply.
@pistache thank you Clare for your encouragement and kind words. I'm afraid I am my own worst critic. Thankfully, I agree, my interest in photography is just that , and indeed it is mostly fun.
@kjarn Kathy, thank you for your kindness. Today was a better day.
@carolmw yes Carol, today I didn't overthink things and just took a few photos for my own enjoyment.
@francoise thank you for your comment, and for your follow which is very much appreciated. The 'here and now' mundane shot may make a frequent appearance here, but at least in between, there are some that I am pleased to have taken.
@wag864 We have tiling in our hallway too Kas, although it is not elaborate or in top condition. We will most certainly attempt to get a replacement path that matches the existing. Thank you for your kind comment. Sounds like you too, are your own worst critic. I think you do a great job.
posted January 19th, 2018  
I'm sorry to hear you were having a rough day but I completely understand. I just don't feel like doing anything substantial right now. I think it's the cold and the time of year. I start out ok in the morning but by mid-afternoon I'd done. I've found it's better just to let it be and do what I can. Eventually things will balance themselves out again. Hang in there!
posted January 20th, 2018  
I know how you feel... some days I feel like that sounds so simple to say you just post a picture a day but it becomes so much more than that if you let it... Anyway, I think you created a very pleasing image with this shot Helen. I do like the patterns and lines.
posted January 25th, 2018  
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