10, freedom by helenhall

10, freedom

Freedom is an early morning walk in the sunshine. I am not often out and about at seven in the morning, but sleep patterns are different.

I was wrong in assuming it would be quiet and myself alone. Joggers, dog walkers and cyclists were out taking up the early morning exercise slot.

And Spring? there is no suggestion of a halt to the march of spring. She is rather enjoying herself with a little more room and freedom to be.

Alas, I must work - staring at a laptop for 8 and more hours each day, and then there are many things to attend to thereafter. So, whilst determined to continue posting daily, I have not yet had a chance to review your posts this week. I will get round to it - but it may not be until the weekend.
Love all the space and the feeling of spring
March 25th, 2020  
beautiful blue negative space
March 26th, 2020  
Looks lovely against the blue sky.
March 26th, 2020  
gorgeous awakening of spring.
March 26th, 2020  
Lovely against the blue sky
March 26th, 2020  
Southern Italy had snow today! Can you imagine? Spring is still missing in action!
March 26th, 2020  
@domenicododaro gosh - when it comes, for those that have been fortunate, spirits will start to lift.
March 26th, 2020  
I like how this tree is reaching for the sun and sky- a great way to weather a storm- look up! Nice shot.
March 27th, 2020  
Ohh, that beautiful blue sky and those fresh, new leaves! Such a beautiful glimpse of spring!
March 30th, 2020  
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