have a heart by helenhall

have a heart

I have got myself into a right mess with editing photos - I am all over the place without any kind of system to catch up and choose which ones are worth pursuing. And so I end up faffing around in a most unsatisfactory manner and being no further forward.

Such has been this evening - and now all I have to offer is a heart. It started out as a heart shaped pebble on a shingle beach. I once found a heart shaped leaf on the pavement, faffed around with it to create a fairly abstract image and it became my best selling greeting card to date!

Any way, I dedicate this heart to you dear readers, in thanks for all your comments and likes and attention that you give my project even at times when I have nothing to offer back. Thank you.
don't get stressed about your photostream Helen, just nip in and out when you have time , everyone is still here when you return !
March 19th, 2023  
Exactly what Phil said, Helen! Don’t worry about it. It’s your project to do as you like.
March 19th, 2023  
I like the heart looks like it has a little pink in it
March 19th, 2023  
Editing in a lot of cases can be faffing and this where you can end up with some of the best work. Chin up and keep it up. :-)
March 20th, 2023  
Faffing is fun when you have time. This faffing is setting off the heart really well.
March 20th, 2023  
Such a lovely heart
March 20th, 2023  
What a lovely find! One for a Valentines card for next year?
March 23rd, 2023  
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