ES-335  by helstor


When inspiration is running low and you can't think of anything to shoot, bring out the guitars.... ;-)
but they are lovely to take pictures of, shiny, colourful, lots of lines and textures - what's wrong with guitars! And how many do you have to take pictures of? I've only the one and it appeared three or four times.
April 25th, 2012  
It's a terrific shot, one I'd be proud of :)
April 25th, 2012  
Wow, great shot! I love the high contrast of red, black, and silver.

Yeah, how many guitars do you have? I have one beat-up guitar I've had since I was 18.
April 25th, 2012  
@shanne Shanne, there are 8 or 9 electric and acoustic guitars in the flat + a bass guitar and I agree, they ae very photogenic ;-)
@boogie Mags, thank you for your kind comment.
April 25th, 2012  
Fabulous shot. Love the colours and details.
April 25th, 2012  
I forgot to say that you should tag this for this week's theme. theme-music
April 25th, 2012  
Fantastic shot, Helge - this is so different from your usual shots (like me trying out abstracts! :) - love the bright colors and lines - cropped very nicely!
April 25th, 2012  
Eight or nine - that's quite a collection! How did you end up with so many? I didn't realize you were so musical - what with those, and the other instruments you've featured so far. Good shot!
April 25th, 2012  
Definitely needs tagging theme-music!! That silver is so cool against the vivid colour - brilliant!
April 25th, 2012  
Very impressive! Love the shot. You must have laughed at my ukulele!
(March 20)
April 25th, 2012  
How could you resist taking its picture, shiny red and endlessly patient while you choose the best angle!
April 25th, 2012  
Love this shot! What a beautiful guitar!
April 26th, 2012  
@redrucksack Eva. thank you
@ladyjane LadyJane, thanks... I've tagged it now.
@sparkleplenty1 Thanks Joyce
@carmel Yes, a lot og guitars, but wether that makes me musical is probably open for discussion ;-)
@filsie65 Thanks Phil
@tishpics I like your ukulele, and thanks for the tip.... I have one too but I've never taken a photograph of it ;-)
@sheilacoates Thanks Sheila, I like motifs that are endlessly patient and doesn't move about too much... like trees and mountains and guitars ;-)
@buttercup Thanks Mary
April 27th, 2012  
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