Garlic Blooms

We bought a garlic plant because the greenery was so pretty. I never realized that it would have such wonderful blooms later. I am wondering if there will be garlic pods in the dirt.
posted October 8th, 2016  
Is that Society Garlic? Very pretty. Love the shadows.
posted October 8th, 2016  
Very pretty shot, Henri.
posted October 9th, 2016  
You can get garlic two ways- they are bulbs so you find them in the ground, harvest a portion of the bulb and let the portion left in the soil send up a shoot the following year. You can also let the blossoms go to seed and start new plants that way too. From what the garlic farmers tell me, you'll get more of a garlic harvest by cutting off the flowers and letting all the nutrients be absorbed by the bulbs. But if you're more interested in the flowers, this is the way to go. They're very pretty.
posted October 9th, 2016  
I didn't know either how beautiful the flower can be.
posted October 9th, 2016  
I probably like the flowers best. why not try both methods.
posted October 11th, 2016  
I didn't know that either - they are pretty
posted October 12th, 2016  
Very nice
posted November 2nd, 2016  
What a delight! Good luck with the plants.
posted November 9th, 2016  
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