Rocks and Lantana

My yard girl is reworking my landscaping. I think it will look really good when she finished. My original landscaper did a really bad job.

Just an update. I am doing well. 2nd chemo is scheduled for Nov. 24. It's not nearly as bad as I anticipated and I know that it is working. I am very optimistic about the future. Just haven't had much time and energy to get out and about with the camera...and the weather has been gray and yucky.
Glad to hear you are doing well with a good prognosis!
posted November 19th, 2015  
Great textures and shapes and I love the lighting, too. I'm glad you are doing well, Henri, and that the chemo is working.
posted November 19th, 2015  
so glad you are doing fine and well, henri. i was just thinking about you last night as i went to bed and was quite happy to see you left a comment on my post. thank you. and continue to be well. i'm praying for you, my friend.
posted November 19th, 2015  
Good to hear you are doing well, Henri.
Lovely picture.
posted November 19th, 2015  
Henri, so pleased to hear you are doing well. And with your newly emerging landscaping to following too.
posted November 19th, 2015  
Great that you're feeling OK, nice to see the garden makeover.
posted November 19th, 2015  
So glad you are doing well , hope your garden turns out well, be nice to see it finished
posted November 19th, 2015  
Glad to hear you are doing well
Nice capture - looking forward to see how the landscaping project turns out
posted November 20th, 2015  
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