Drive by sunrise by henrir

Drive by sunrise

There was a beautiful sunrise this morning, for just a few minutes. I managed to capture this out the side window of the car...thus the blur of the trees.

I have been terribly negligent in taking photos this week. I have been plagued with a touch of the flu. I did get some antibiotics and hopefully it will go by the wayside soon. I've been trying to keep up with your projects, but mine have been missing.

Hope you feel better soon, Henri.
January 18th, 2019  
Ooh Henri - I hope you will be feeling better soon- so many winter lurgies about - we o need some sunshine ! - take care! :)
January 18th, 2019  
I love it. Very pretty. The blur is giving nice feeling.

Get well soon! :)
January 18th, 2019  
A pretty sunrise, sorry about your run in with the flu. Jerry has been sick all week, we thought it was a bad cold but he just can’t shake it.
January 19th, 2019  
keep up with you first and feel better Henri.a very colorful motion blur shot
January 19th, 2019  
Love the colours. Hope you feel better soon
January 19th, 2019  
Beautiful ICN - so sorry to hear you have been sick. Get better soon, Henri!
January 19th, 2019  
I'm sorry to hear you've been under the weather and hope the antibiotics did the trick. A lovely shot on the fly!
January 20th, 2019  
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