It's a beautiful September by henrir

It's a beautiful September

We have had enough rain that everything is pretty and green. Now if the temperatures would just drop a bit.

Just thought I'd drop in and say "hi" to all my friends on 365. I've missed you.

I'm hopefully on the mend.
good to hear from you. hope you do well with your recovery!
September 22nd, 2019  
Very nice shot . I trust you are well

September 22nd, 2019  
Hi Henri! So good to see this post from you. So hopeful you are indeed on the mend. I’ve missed you on 365! This is a lovely neighborhood photo, we’ve not had any rain this month.
September 22nd, 2019  
Hi Henri! Happy to see a picture/post from you! Hope you are on the mend and we'll see more posts from you soon!
Nice green in this picture. My son says that he misses the rain - it is very dry where we live now.
September 22nd, 2019  
Welcome back Henri, so lovely to see a post from you again. A great one of your neighbourhood and the fresh green. Upwards and onwards, wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery. I too missed you :-)
September 22nd, 2019  
So good to see you back here with us Henri , So glad to hear you are on the mend and well enough to join us once again ! Such a beautiful urban view !
September 22nd, 2019  
Hello Henri lovely to see you again. So glad you are on the mend. Welcome back
September 22nd, 2019  
Welcome back Henry its so nice to hear from you and that you are on the road to recovery, what a lovely peacefull neighbourhood you live in great capture:)
September 22nd, 2019  
Nice shot
September 22nd, 2019  
Hi Henry - lovely to see a post from you, and especially good to hear you are on the mend. Take care .
September 26th, 2019  
Lovely to hear from you again, Henri
September 27th, 2019  
I missed this! Nice to see a post from you Henri.
September 28th, 2019  
Missed you too, Henri!
Good to hear you are on the mend. Take care of yourself.
September 29th, 2019  
How are you doing, Henri? Hope your recovery is going well and we will be seeing more of you soon!
I miss your posts.
October 28th, 2019  
I miss your posts too. Hope you are well. Hugs...
November 5th, 2019  
henri, how have you been? i miss you.

i want to wish you and roland a wonderful and merry Christmas and hope to see you again soon here on 365!
December 25th, 2019  
Sure miss you, Henri!
Wishing you and yours Peace, Joy, and Happiness Today and Always!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
December 26th, 2019  
Missing you, Henri. .
December 30th, 2019  
Rest in Peace Henri. X
January 14th, 2020  
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