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Update - 2018 .. I am still loving 365. Actually, starting year 6 here, with a couple of years in and out. So many wonderful people and so much to learn. I live in Granbury, Texas. I just realized that I had not stated where I live. It is always nice to be able to look at someone's profile description to see where they live.

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I am a retired Paralegal living in Texas. I started this project on May 10, 2012. I completed a little over a year and a half taking a photo every day. It really made me appreciate everything around me. There is so much to see in this beautiful world we live in. I love seeing the rest of the world through the lens of everyone on 365.

I took a break while we were building our house for about a year. Then I was diagnosed with cancer in October, 2015. After 12 rounds of chemo, I was given the wonderful news on August 15, 2016 that I was cancer free. I have been very blessed. I have several lingering problems caused by the chemo and CT scans, but I will get it all taken care of and eventually gain my full strength.

My goal is to post a photo for every day of 2017. I have updated my photo to show me with hair again. Yea!

I appreciate each and every one that takes the time to view my photos and possibly leave a comment or a fav. I also appreciate any constructive criticism or suggestions for my photos.

I started this project on May 10, 2012.

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