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Me Thinking

My get-pushed challenge from Kathy @myhrhelper this week was to photograph a secret that I have. Thinking about this, I still think of myself as that little 3 year old and that all of this "real world" is a dream where I am trying out different things to do when (and if) I grow up
Kathy @myhrhelper I don't know if this meets your challenge put it was fun to do. Another note, our next trip (in July) we will be going to Polk County, WI which is where my father's family is from.
May 24th, 2013  
I love this!
May 24th, 2013  
I am smiling at this thinking illustration of yourself at that time! Well thought out and executed!
May 24th, 2013  
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May 24th, 2013  
Harry I love this, it is creative and yes it meets the challenge. The challenge was to be interpreted however you wanted and so I declare the challenge met. Oh there are some beautiful photogenic area's where you are going. I am going to take a moment to see what else is nearby that you may want to go see while in Wisconsin.

I plan to get my crown or water drop today or tomorrow. Last night my husband said well the sky is a little clearer perhaps you can get your star trail that you want (for the unfulfilled challenge you gave me last time we were partnered). I looked online and someone recommmended a series of 30 second shots rather than one long shot and use a software. I spent some time running outside, to press the shutter and start 3 x 30second shots in a row. I would run back in the house (it was chilly outside, I wore a winter coat). I made a quick attempt to get free software for star trails but that didn't work well so I tried physically layering one photo at a time on ipiccy - we I didn't see a trail. I will look for a better software and I hope I actually get a trail - we'll see - it was a full moon which was pretty bright
May 24th, 2013  
Cool shot
May 24th, 2013  
Very very cool!
May 24th, 2013  
Very creative!
May 25th, 2013  
very creative
May 27th, 2013  
Hello Harry - for this week we seem to be get-pushed partners. i took a long look at your awesome album. many beautiful, fascinating pictures.
hard for me to come up with a suitable challenge :-)
my challenge for you: "i'd like you to document situations where you get really excited while driving your car. can be anything. have fun!"
Is that ok for you?
May 27th, 2013  
very cute
May 28th, 2013  
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