Winter-gedon 2021 by homeschoolmom

Winter-gedon 2021

NC has been buzzing with news of an ice storm and 1-2 inches of snow. Well, here it is, some slush on my car window. How will the South survive this? I mean, the temperature did almost drop below freezing! LOL!
Slush is OK as long as it doesn’t freeze over.
January 9th, 2021  
See? We don't have no global warming, I mean look at cold it is in the South! (She says very tongue-in-cheek!) "Cool" image(s)
January 9th, 2021  
It's silly to you because you have lived where they actually do have snow and ice storms! My son in KY is amused by how everyone panics at the sight of one snowflake. He knows what a real snowstorm looks like!
January 9th, 2021  
LOL! I lived in NC for 6 years and was always surprised at the response to what we would call a 'dusting' in Illinois or Michigan!
January 10th, 2021  
@taffy One of my friends was complaining about it being freezing cold the other day and it was 50. LOL!
January 12th, 2021  
Nicely captured
January 12th, 2021  
this got my imagination going - the curve on the windscreen makes it look as if you could have photographed an ice covered planet. Now that would have been something to talk about.

Thank you for leaving me a get pushed challenge. I shall enjoy having a go at that. If you would like to take on a second challenge, then can I suggest that you present something in silhouette form? I see you have had a very long list of challenges already completed, but i didn't see this one. Enjoy.
January 13th, 2021  
@helenhall Thank you. I'll give it a try. I do love Get Pushed challenges.
January 15th, 2021  
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