Why my hubby has PTSD! by homeschoolmom

Why my hubby has PTSD!

Oh, my goodness. Kid #2 has his permit. We put it off as long as we could, he's almost 19. But, my husband wasn't ready to teach another kid to drive. There was an incident where my daughter drove over a very large boulder, that still makes my husband break out into a cold sweat 5 years later! And a few years before that, as a mentor to the Afghani Army, my hubby had to teach several Afghani soldiers how to drive a 5 ton truck on a narrow mountain road. Some of them had never even driven a car before. And now he gets to teach our son who falls on the Autism Spectrum with Attention Deficit Disorder. And our youngest son will go take his written test as soon as he gets a stamped form from the state saying he attends a certified homeschool. So, this is why my husband has PTSD.
Just having one teenager is enough to cause PTSD!
April 6th, 2019  
I was going to say it's sad that they don't teach it in school anymore which is where I learned but that wouldn't help you. Maybe you could suggest that someone in your homeschool group could take this up. Easier to teach someone else's children. I was glad I learned in school because my father didn't appreciate my "timid" driving. He was always after me to move up closer and be ready to pass. I to this day will not pass unless it is an absolute necessity and on a long straight away.
April 6th, 2019  
Oh my gosh! I feel your husband's pain!
In my home country (the Netherlands) you take lessons with a proper driving instructor when you are at least 18. So when my oldest turned 16 in Houston - she is one of the youngest in her class - and wanted to drive, we signed her up with a driving school. Not cheap, but to me well worth it. Therefor my son (16 in June) is taking lessons there too.
April 6th, 2019  
I'll say a little prayer for him.
April 6th, 2019  
LOL! A rite of passage for us all! Fabulous image to document the occasion
April 7th, 2019  
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