BookClub1Collage by houser934


I'm trying to follow along on the Aug. Book Club. (
These were a few of the photos I took when I locked myself in the bathroom for a half hour. The shapes and angles are what caught my attention.
These are so cool, and I love how you've gotten in and simplified to just shapes and colors. Perfect use of a collage!
August 8th, 2013  
I like what you have done here. There are some interesting shapes happening.
August 13th, 2013  
@houser934 Hey Kathryn, I'm putting together a post for my blog about the first week of the Book Club, and I was wondering whether you'd let me include this image and quote some of your description of the process. (I'll link back to here too.) Thanks!
August 14th, 2013  
@archaeofrog Feel free to share/discuss anywhere. -K.
August 14th, 2013  
@houser934 Wonderful, thanks! I'll post a link once it goes live.
August 14th, 2013  
August 14th, 2013  
Great collage of shapes and colors
August 26th, 2013  
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