Sneaky Bee by hrb73

Sneaky Bee

Thank you for the comments and favs on yesterday's hummingbird photo! While taking this photo of bees at the feeder today a hummingbird came up and shooed them off... if only I'd had a faster shutter speed! It was quite the display of one ounce of fury :)
That 'bee' is either a wasp or a hornet... can't tell the size in this image. Good capture though.
October 7th, 2018  
@vignouse one of those vicious creatures for sure!
October 7th, 2018  
So very colourful! It does look like a wasp - and those bright yellow ones are often quite painful if they sting you. I hope they don't hang around too long.
October 7th, 2018  
Great focus and colours, I can even see the hairs on the wasp.
October 7th, 2018  
Outstanding image!
October 25th, 2018  
I thought it looked like a wasp.......but it is a fabulous shot, instant fav
November 8th, 2018  
Where are you .... come back Hydee, come back! You can do it!!!
December 9th, 2018  
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