Interior by humphreyhippo


Module 1 of the Architecture Academy (the Blender ArchViz course I've been doing) is a lounge interior. The idea is you create the room from the floor plan and then drop in the provided models. Well, I didn't like that idea very much so I ended up doing some of the ancillary tutorials and made my own sofa, rug and coffee tables - and the dragon lamp from last week. The net curtains took forever as I lost many, many hours before I found out I needed to regress back to Blender v2.63 to get around a cloth simulation bug that made it break away from the curtain rail.
In the end, I've spent far too long on this and realised that I shouldn't be aiming for perfection. I just need to learn as much as possible from each module and then move on. So that's what I'm doing.
I never got around to adding the throws on the sofa. I used the course's bookshelf, ceiling light, plant, nested tables and water glasses.
It's my own LPOTL poster though. ;)
This was too complex to render on my graphics card so I left it rendering overnight on my CPU. I had to fix the brightness in Photoshop, along with tweaking the poster and darkening the rug.
Humphrey is 'shopped in. I will fix his mesh at some point to add him as a model, but I really need to move on from this bloody room before I lose the will to live.

Anyway, 'my' first Blender interior render - even though it doesn't feel like 'mine' and hundreds of people have done this waaaaay better than me. Maybe they can follow instructions without going off the ranch.
This is freaking unreal (on every way possible ;p)
February 6th, 2017  
What @northy says. I'm in awe
February 6th, 2017  
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