Guy in a Shark Suit by humphreyhippo

Guy in a Shark Suit

Today's July Words prompt is saippuakivikauppias, which is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest known palindromic word.
It means soapstone or lye seller.
Shockingly, Lego don't make a minifig for that, but this one is at least a bit... Finnish.

I'll get my coat.
Bahaaaaaaaaa! No need to get your coat... the purpose of the word challenge is to inspire you... this is definitely inspired! 🤣
July 26th, 2020  
You have an amazing collection of figures!
July 26th, 2020  
Love the look on his little LEGO face...I feel just like that lately!
July 26th, 2020  
You certainly put more thought into it than I would have.

I commented earlier that none of the mini figs had ever appeared on my feed until this one then I looked back over the rest of this year and I don’t think any of Your photos this year have appeared on my feed, weird
July 27th, 2020  
Now, if only I could remember to use that word in a sentence someday...
So cute, the little dude looks a bit intimidated tho!
July 27th, 2020  
@kjarn Thanks for all your comments. They were a lovely surprise. :)
I've got into the habit of posting my shots as private for a few days when I'm busy with other stuff. I feel really bad about posting stuff into people's feeds when I don't have time to spend on commenting.
July 27th, 2020  
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