Allure in the Clouds by humphreyhippo

Allure in the Clouds

The 'Allure of the Seas' anchored in Poole Bay.

We had the day off using up some holiday before the end of the year so went down to Milford with hot cross buns and a flask of coffee. We sat on the cliff top watching the rain roll in. We did eventually get a bit of sun breaking through before it set. We stopped off in the forest on the way home and used my binos to check out Jupiter and Saturn before heading back.

It was nice to get out of the house, but didn't enjoy the bit where we dropped my favourite lens onto concrete...
I don't like ships at anchor. It's like a dog on a leash. I hope the lens is not damaged. Lovely shot.
November 23rd, 2020  
I love the composition and the nice blues and greys. I dropped two lenses and each time the repairs have been trivial. They are studier than we imagine.
November 23rd, 2020  
Beautiful blue scene. fav
November 23rd, 2020  
I really like this... sorry about the lens... I hope it’s not too badly damaged!
November 23rd, 2020  
Hot cross buns in November! Hope your lens is ok
November 24th, 2020  
Nice shot. Pity about the lens.
November 24th, 2020  
November 24th, 2020  
@northy Well it still works on a quick test - but makes an exciting new noise when you tip it upside down... Need to have a proper test in daylight. At least it wasn't the new one I guess. ;)
November 24th, 2020  
A real bummer about that lens, but the shot is supreme!
November 25th, 2020  
A ship!! Not seen one of those since March :(
I really like the stripey effect.
November 28th, 2020  
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