Broken  by hunnybee


I had never heard of King Island, until I was headhunted by a Melbourne Medical agency to work there early in 2018. After researching whether to take a leap and sell everything I owned and my farm in Western Australia to locate to a tiny isolated island, I decided to go ahead. Having a disability, I found some communities in Western Australia quite hostile, rude and very unsupportive, so it was with great trepidation I agreed. I passed all the tests with flying colours and arrived on the island in June 2018 and commenced work at the hospital as a Registered/Clinical Nurse. I'm also a wildlife photographer. It rained for my first 6 weeks, so I couldn't do a lot of exploring but found the locals amazingly friendly and helpful, which was a big relief. Unfortunately events conspired against me and at the eight week mark, after the rain having stopped, I was directed to Grassy Dam by well-meaning locals to find Platypus and followed the directions given, by following the pipeline and the (wallaby) path, I was led to a cliff from which I could not turn back from, and almost fell to my death breaking both legs in multiple places. There was no solar phone at the dam, (there is is many other isolated places in Australia) so I could not call for help. I was forced to crawl on my hands and knees for over 10 hours taking many wrong turns, crawling almost five kilometres until I found help 12 hours after I fell. Many times I thought I was going to die as I screamed for help, nobody could hear me. I came across an open car just near the Grassy port at 11:30 at night some 12hours after I had climbed down the slope at the dam. I thanked God that it was King Island and nowhere else as the car was open key in the ignition and a phone in the console. Everybody was amazing taking care of me, but I remain in Burnie and Smithton Hospitals and have been for 5.5 months and tried to kill myself 3 times. I get little to no help and they keep trying to discharge me - I cant as I now have no home and was sacked on Christmas Eve. I am still upset with the council and Tas water there was no fences and not a single warning sign about the danger. This tragedy may have been averted and I'm surprised nobody else has been injured or killed.
I do have some photos I have taken, but as my camera was damaged in the fall and I cant get out of bed, the opportunities are very restricted! Hopefully in the next few months that will change. I want to be able to walk again.....
January 27th, 2019  
@hunnybee OMG Words fail me! Such a terrible tale you tell. I'm so very sorry to hear this happened to you. Best wishes for a full recovery.
January 28th, 2019  
So shocked and sad to read your horrific story Melissa! Sending you lots of positive vibes for a full recovery. Try to stay positive even though it must be difficult. Big hug!
January 28th, 2019  
Wow, that is awful. Hope you get better real soon and are back out taking photos.
January 28th, 2019  
What a horror story, I do hope you are on the road to recovery. How could they possibly discharge you if you can't walk !
January 28th, 2019  
What a terrible story !
March 3rd, 2019  
I just got my repaired camera back -- cheaper than new kit! -- and have returned.
July 30th, 2019  
O my God. I used to follow you but thought you had just left 365. I had no idea what horrors you have had to endure.
September 21st, 2019  
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