Confirmation time

Meet Julia, she is the foster daughter of my nieghbour. I have known Julia since she was two and a half years old and she is a little bit like family to me. Today she had her confirmation and she looked beautiful. A privilage and an honour to support her day.
I took a shot of the back of the church, Gustav Adolfs Church as everyone takes a shot of the front and I felt sorry for the Anyway it was lovely.
We didn't stay for the dinner afterwards as the Tomato had a footballs match. Little Hoo and I went for a walk around the lake and then we jumped in...don't think I have ever jumped in under the month of May before!
Just had a video chat with Mr. Boo...4am there and he had woken up...hahha told him to go back to sleep. Nice to see him though. Up early tomorrow so I best close down the puter and get myself ready for bed.

Thought of the day:
Single parents deserve is not easy seeing to the needs and wants of children when you are on your own with them. So all you single parents out there BIG pat on the back and keep up the good work you are all amazing!
What an important & special day for this you g lady, glad you were there to share it. She looks very happy. We had confirmations today at the cathedral in Lancaster, I didn't go as I knew none of them. I suppose it's the day to do it on Pentecostal Sunday. You are a temporary single parent that's right, not an easy job!
posted May 20th, 2018  
What a super series of shots:)
posted May 20th, 2018  
What a lovely collage you made of Julia and the church. It looks very special.
posted May 20th, 2018  
An important date for her. The bottom left photo shows the respect!
posted May 20th, 2018  
Nice collage
posted May 20th, 2018  
Tells a lovely story
posted May 21st, 2018  
A lovely record of the special day.
posted May 22nd, 2018  
@happypat @fbailey @jacqbb @maggiemae @elisasaeter @cmp @dide so sorry for the mass reply but have been terribly excuse I know. It was wonderful and I am so glad we were part of her special day. Thank you all for your comments
posted May 22nd, 2018  
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