Class trip by huvesaker

Class trip

Only 7 with Little Hoo out of 32 went on the class trip we parents organised. We had a fantastic time. Lots of small rooms with lots of things to work out so you could put a stamp on a card. I have bruises and scrape sores and loved every minute of it. We were five parents who went so we had our own team.
Two hours there and two hours back driving...was a little tired so went into the garden, did some weeding then surprised Mr. Boo by jumping into the pool with all my clothes on...hahahahaha

Thought of the day:
Surprise someone and do something so unexpected that they are lost for wards...hahaha makes you giggle!
sounds like a lot of fun. Pity so many missed out but I expect with a small group it was more manageable
June 9th, 2018  
I just love you!
June 9th, 2018  
@cruiser it was great
@brennieb you do? why?
June 9th, 2018  
Lol, Great action!
June 10th, 2018  
You are so alive and fun!
June 13th, 2018  
@brennieb HAHAHAHA well I don't like the
June 13th, 2018  
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