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fire day at work

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Fire day at work
Today the fire brigade came to visit the school. My two cycled to my work so they could be with me for a bit and they also had loads of fun being firemen.
Had a really good day with them.
Rather tired now though so am not going to be doing much more this evening.
It is also official, I am going to be the English teacher for years 2, 3 and well as my art teacher job and my other responsibilities...mmm...shall give it a year and see how it goes.
One of my colleagues said today she is not coming back in the autumn...she has found a job nearer to home. She has really small children so I do not blame her at all...soooo, if you know of any teachers that can teach years 1,2 and 3 and speak Swedish...then let them know we are hiring!

Thought of the day:
New work tasks can give new meaning to your work life so embrace them, do your best and don't be sad if it all goes wrong...LOL!
Brilliant collage! Looks like great fun.
June 25th, 2018  
Well done Boo, your school is lucky to have you! Fun with the fire engine but so important to cover all eventualities! Not quite back to normal healthwise then! Take it slow!
June 25th, 2018  
Great! I worked for the fire and rescue service before I retired - I have to say, in the offices
June 25th, 2018  
@jacqbb I even crept in the smoke maze...well, i had to didn't I...hahha
@happypat We try and get as many experiences for "our" children as we can. We have bus cards but there is a 4km walk to the nearest bus stop..not it pays to be creative ...I do like the challenge my job offers
@mave ooh cool! Have you ever crept through the smoke maze?
June 25th, 2018  
@huvesaker Sorry Boo. I wasn't so adventurous!
June 25th, 2018  
@mave hahaha probably more sensible than me
June 25th, 2018  
Great action shots. My female colleagues were all a dither when the firemen came to visit..... I think they had extra lippie on too ;)
June 25th, 2018  
@filsie65 hahahahahaha
June 25th, 2018  
Great collage
June 25th, 2018  
looks like it was a lot of fun. was it just for the staff. Hope your are trying to rest after your knock to the head
June 26th, 2018  
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