needed peace by huvesaker

needed peace

so I took a photo of one of the flowers Mr.Boo bought for me the other day.
Nothing to report...the other teen...Little Hoo has been very teenage

Thought of the day:
Keep smiling!
Beautiful flowers! Good luck with your teenagers.
January 22nd, 2019  
Finding their individuality Boo, I’m sure you take it in your stride! Lovely markings on those petals!
January 22nd, 2019  
Teenager times! Just go with with flow.lovely flowers.
January 22nd, 2019  
Love it - and so nicely captured. Nice thought!
January 22nd, 2019  
These sort of flowers last for ages in a vase! Peace is a good word!
January 22nd, 2019  
pretty flowers - teenagers are sent to try us - I used to walk away saying "mother's place is in the wrong" when having a rough time with them, which made me laugh if no-one else
January 22nd, 2019  
Lovely shot
January 22nd, 2019  
Made me actually gasp when I saw it. Hope for spring!
January 22nd, 2019  
Hope you have had a peaceful day now. Don't worry the teenage years don't last for ever and one day you will look back on laugh. Mind you, you will be bald by then because you will have torn all your hair out in frustration.
January 23rd, 2019  
January 23rd, 2019  
@jacqbb thank you...hard work a parent to teens
@busylady thank you
@maggiemae I love them!
@shannejw hahaha good one! I may use it!
@elisasaeter thank you
@diane5812 must have a proper winter first!
@onewing hahaha then if that happens i shall paint my head
@craftymeg thank you
January 23rd, 2019  
FAV - beautiful so delicate - what a thoughtful gesture from Mr Boo :)
January 27th, 2019  
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