Ornament by huvesaker


Thanks to @ellida for my Dalahäst. A lovely white horse that means the world to me...so of course it had to be included in Inktober and the promt of the day "ornament".

The photo of it can be seen here:

Hope that worked

Anyway, love it. never been good at drawing horses..I always make their botties too big...hahaha

Thought of the day:
Small things can give us so much leasure and so many memories...hold on to your memmories for as long as you can.
Love your delightful artwork! Would that it might come so easily to me!
October 17th, 2019  
Nicely done.
October 17th, 2019  
@Weezilou thank you, as I have said beofre I get really nervous showing my stuff...I wish I could draw better, that I could draw people and cars and...horses! hahahaha I should be glad with cartoons....but feel like I am a child when I do..haha you know what I mean

@peadar thank you!
October 17th, 2019  
You have a style all your own & this is a great sturdy little horse!
October 17th, 2019  
You say the nicest things Boo 😍.

I've been out of action for a while, first by having a house full of small children, and then a sudden attach from kidney stones which had remained hidden until a week ago. Getting better, so visiting your portfolio and starting to take a few shots of my own.

I stopped in my tracks when I spotted the Dalahäst. Thanks for that :-)
October 25th, 2019  
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