Slowly opening up, just like the rest of the world! by huvesaker

Slowly opening up, just like the rest of the world!

It has been BOILING here today. My car thermometer showed 26C all the way home form work. Not much movement in me today I can tell you!

Decided that I needed a rest day so at work I did what I had to and no more (very unlike me). When I got home, I got into my bikini, sat on an outside chair and fell I did try going in the pool but it was just a bit too cold so went into a cool shower instead...sat for a bit more and then when the temp. dropped I watered the garden. We haven't had rain for some time so it really needed it. My plants were pleading with me to get them some water. Here are my two of my peonies (I have three but the other one is in the front garden and out of view). The red one is nearly open and that will flower for a short time and then the pink one will open. I think these are some of my favs in the garden. When we built the decking I told hubby we had to design it around the flowers. They don't like moving once they have their home and they do very well in this spot.

I am now in my pj's and will be off to bed soon. Another opeing tomorrow and my day will be long as I have a PTA meeting to go to in the evening...shall leave the house at 05.30 and get back about 20.30 thank goodness I have a little lie in on Wednesday!

With the world opeing up and the lockdowns being eased you will all soon be out and about walking again.

Hoping you are all well. Hoping you are all taking care of yourselves. Loads of love, me xxx

Thought of the day:
There are always things in this life that are unfair, instead of concentrating on the negatives, find the positives!
That's an unusual plant. I love the green and the buds! Photography aside, anything we focus on will get bigger. So it's always good to focus on the blessed and wonderful things in our lives - at least, I try.
June 1st, 2020  
Yep, boiling here too (well boiling-ish 26 degC - after life in Malaysia, that's cool). Last day though, it's due to break tomorrow, so I'll have to pick up the paint brushes again. Can't do that in fine weather!
June 2nd, 2020  
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