On his branch

As promised from the main album...here he is on his branch...then again it COULD be a girl...lol
Fabulous looking butterfly, great shot
posted April 28th, 2016  
@bizziebeeme he looks like a leaf from a birch tree!
posted April 28th, 2016  
nice close-up
posted April 28th, 2016  
Another lovely shot. he has got quite a climb there, hope he learns to fly soon
posted April 29th, 2016  
@hjbenson thank you

@onewing as soon as it warms up a bit I am sure he will be fine, as long as no bird eats him first!
posted April 29th, 2016  
Ingenuous and looks like a leaf - good shot!
posted April 29th, 2016  
@quietpurplehaze thank you. He was kind of fun
posted April 29th, 2016  
Great shot
posted April 29th, 2016  
I like this one as it is in the natural environment. They are commonly called Brimestone butterflies, from the Genus Gonepteryx. They are in the same family as the Cabbage whites that are very common around vegetables
posted May 10th, 2016  
@imaginings ah! Thank you for your reply. I shall look it up. No vegetables in sight in the forest though. Either that or I just wasn't looking properly :-)
posted May 11th, 2016  
@huvesaker Most adult butterflies use many plants, they are often named by the favourite food source of the caterpillars.
posted May 12th, 2016  
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