Downtown Richmond

Today @allie912 and I took a canal cruise in downtown Richmond and then we had a wonderful lunch at the Conch Republic. Since she and I took several very similar photos, I thought I would edit mine so they looked a bit different from hers. Hope you enjoy them. I started posting on the 365project in 2010, kept up with it for 2 years and then made friends with some of my 365 buddies over on FB as I could no longer keep up with all the commenting here. Today I decided maybe I should just post a photo here every so often as I have never stopped taking photos...and I always enjoyed all the interactions and photos posted by people all over the world. Photography remains one of my passions. I'm no pro, but I do have my own style. Thanks for taking the time to read my post!

Oh, and this drawbridge really fascinated me, so I found some info on it in case anyone else might be interested...(one of the only ones left in the US.) "This is a "Bascule" type bridge design —- the term is French for 'see-saw'...This particular bridge is a modified design: a "Scherzer Rolling Lift Bascule." It allows the structure to both lift up and rock backwards thus permitting the rail span to be shorter and lighter and easier to move."

For more info, visit this link.
Hey, Karen good to hear from you. What a cool collage. I am sure the cruise was a blast.
posted July 28th, 2015  
Hi Karen, how nice to see you again on 365. yes I'm still posting, not as diligently as years ago, but I try to keep up at least one album. I remember Richmond was 6 years ago that Hans and I spent a week in Richmond on a 3 weeks vacation trip.
posted July 29th, 2015  
Love your collage and the interesting information of the drawbridge. thanks for the link.
posted July 29th, 2015  
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