Campanario de Dumaguete by iamdencio

Campanario de Dumaguete

In the year 1811 when Dumaguete was a place whose inhabitants were always threatened by Muslim marauders in search of slaves, the Bell Tower was then built to forewarn the locals of any incoming danger. It remains to be the oldest bell tower in the Visayas and is a very famous architectural landmark in the city.

Located along the main Perdices Street right next to the St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral fronting the Rizal Park, it is an imposing stone structure that certainly calls for the attention of many passersby. Because of its antiquity and authenticity it may well look out of place in the midst of the city’s modern day activities. But although it has been restored and given some additions over the years like the garden and grotto of Our Lady of Perpetual Help at its base, it has retained its ancient look right down to the now moss covered exterior walls.

The St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral -- a byword to the Dumaguete Belfry -- is also another historical monument. It is the largest church in the city and was built the same year that the Bell Tower was. With a gilded and ornate altar, high ceilings and hanging chandeliers, the church is a grandiose display of traditional European architecture. The façade is also worthy of praise, having undergone a recent restoration in the year 2005. The brick stone pathway lends an old world feel, much appropriate for perhaps a lady with a Spanish lace veil over her head emerging from a horse drawn carriage.
August 7th, 2011  
Lovely building.
August 8th, 2011  
Excellent shot, processing and superb composition. LOve it!
August 8th, 2011  
what a lovely shot of the belfry!
August 12th, 2011  
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