Said bin Taimur Mosque ?! by ingrid01

Said bin Taimur Mosque ?!

Today was 12th grade picture day so I had to drop off Demyan at school for his time slot. Due to Covid the school takes individual pictures and Photoshops the class of 2021 together. They did that last year too.
Because he met with some friends after the pictures, I did not need to wait and drove to this mosque close by.

I had seen it from the Express Way. The Mosque is on a hill and the minaret sticks out like a rocket., so I looked it up at the map.

On the map it does not have a name in English, nor in Arabic, so I was surprised about its size. Also it was cloudy today! That almost never ever happens. Unfortunately it did not do anything with the temperature. My car said 41C (106F) after some driving...

As you can see above the entrance this mosque does have a name. After zooming in on another photo this is what it says in Arabic: مسجد السيد ماجد بن تيمور
Google translate wasn't very helpful, but with my very limited Arabic I believe it is another Said bin Taimur Mosque although the spelling of Said is different than of the mosque I posted a few days ago. (Mosque of Said xxxx bin Taimur - the xxx for the word I cannot figure out)

It does look like that minaret is ready for a space mission!
April 26th, 2021  
Lovely gold colour on the minaret.
April 26th, 2021  
The mosques are such beautiful buildings
April 26th, 2021  
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