yesnaby to Hoy

I should be in Edinburgh and have been working like crazy to make sure everything at home and work was up to date. Then the effing boat didn't sail. Nothing weather related - they didn't have all their paperwork or up to date. it wasn't worth travelling today as I'd only have one day - I'm heading off to do a workshop south so thought I'd go a bit further for a couple of days since getting a car off the island is really expensive anyway. Not to be this time.
So I spent most of the morning driving from the north to the south of the west coast of Orkney instead. Stunning light today between the wild showers.
I haven't had time to do any film unfortunately. Fingers crossed I'll get some done after the weekend away
Stunning. Fav
posted February 23rd, 2017  
I recognized this as yours from a mile away 😊
posted February 23rd, 2017  
Love this one too, especially with the light coming through the clouds.
posted February 23rd, 2017  
great light
posted February 23rd, 2017  
incredible light here, could look at this for hours and see more, and more, and yet more again. thank you for sharing.
posted February 26th, 2017  
Sometimes when a picture come up you can tell instantly who the photographer is... another beauty from your camera, Ingrid.
I'm on the 365 thing again. On film this time and think I'm going to succeed on this one as I've altered my own "rules" a wee bit since the last effort :))
posted March 9th, 2017  
dark, moody feel captured ...wonderful clouds and light
posted March 19th, 2017  
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