bottles gum print  by ingrid2101

bottles gum print

really fed up - I spent all day making digital negatives - a process I don't enjoy. I need to read more about curves for different processes. Coated some paper with my chemicals, this is the first effort. The second has lost all detail, the third is in the water bath. It's a reasonably long process with lots that can go wrong. Actually this isn't the first one - it all washed off the paper. However it's three years since I made one, and that was the first for about 30 years, as I did them for higher art at school. Thankfully I had more success then The texture is a cold pressed watercolour paper - I decided to do the next hot pressed as I don't think the texture adds anything. I've had enough for one day
Here's the older one
February 4th, 2017  
Don't be fed up. You're awesome - it's quite intimidating actually. ;)
February 4th, 2017  
@humphreyhippo Aw thanks - a lot like you with blender :)
February 5th, 2017  
very much like a charcoal drawing. fabulous
February 5th, 2017  
I have a thumb drive will all the curves on it, but the printer I bought does not work with the transparent film that went with it. I wish I could just blink my eyes and send it to you.
February 5th, 2017  
great effect, admire your technical ability
February 5th, 2017  

It's a step nearer to what you want though, so all is well.
February 5th, 2017  
Very nice, unique. Great craftsmanship.
February 10th, 2017  
It makes a great comp and image! Fav
June 30th, 2017  
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